Affidavit Of Garnishment Form

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_______________________________________ Plaintiff
_______________________________________ Address
Total Due: $______________________
_______________________________________ Defendant
_______________________________________ Address
_______________________________________ Defendants SS#
_______________________________________ Garnishee
_______________________________________ Address
Personally appeared the undersigned affiant who on oath says that he is the above plaintiff, his agent, or
his attorney at law, and that he has personal knowledge that the above defendant is indebted to said plaintiff in the sum of
$________________________ principal, $___________________________ interest, $___________________________
attorney’s fees, and $_______________________cost; and that said Plaintiff has judgment obtained in Case Number
_________________________________ in the ____________________________ Court of ________________ County.
AFFIANT FURTHER STATES THAT AFFIANT has reason to apprehend the loss of said sum or some part thereof unless
process of garnishment issues.
Sworn to and subscribed before me,
This _____________________________, 20______.
Notary Public
APPROVED, this _________________________, 20_______.
Chief Magistrate
TO: _____________________________________ Garnishee
Amount Claimed Due by Plaintiff
$____________________(To be completed by Plaintiff)
Plus Court Costs Due on this Summons
$____________________(To be completed by Clerk)
Total Due
YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to immediately hold all property, money, wages, except what is exempt, belonging to
the defendant, or debts owed to the defendant named above at the time of service of this summons and between the time
of service of this summons and the time of making your answer. NOT SOONER THAN 30 DAYS, BUT NOT LATER
THAN 45 DAYS AFTER YOU ARE SERVED WITH THIS SUMMONS, you are commanded to file your answer in writing
with the clerk of this court and serve a copy upon plaintiff or his attorney. Money or other property subject to this
summons should be delivered to the court with your answer. Should you fail to answer this summons, a judgment will be
rendered against you for the amount the plaintiff claims due by the defendant.
WITNESS, the Honorable Thomas C. Bobbitt III, Chief Magistrate of said Court, this ___________ day of
_____________________, 20_______.
Judge/Clerk, Magistrate Court of Laurens County


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