Demand Letter Template - Acceleration Of Balance (Commercial)


Lender is the owner and holder of a certain Promissory Note executed by ______________________, dated _______,
20__ in the original principal sum of $__________, which Note is secured by a ______________________ that was filed for
record under Book __________ Page _______ in the Official Records of __________ County, concerning property upon
which is erected a __________ located at __________.
You are hereby formally notified that such Note and __________ are in default for monthly installments due
thereunder for __________ and forward. You are further hereby formally notified that Lender has elected, and does hereby
elect, to accelerate the entire loan balance. The entire unpaid balance under such Note is now due and payable, and is hereby
The unpaid principal balance of such Note, with interest paid to _______, 20__ is $__________. Interest from _______,
20__ to _______, 20__, including late charges, is $__________.
There is a tax escrow credit balance of $__________. Prepayment consideration in the amount of $__________ is due.
Therefore, the total demand for payment in full, as of _______, 20__ is $__________, plus any attorney fees, foreclosure
costs, advances to protect the premises or enforce the security, or any other such items becoming necessary.
Per diem interest (subject to semi-annual adjustment) of $__________ shall be added to said payment-in-full amount
each day after_______, 20__. Late charges will also be added.
This is also to demand that you immediately provide monthly itemized income and expense statements pertaining to the
property for the period commencing __________, 20__, to date, together with current personal financial statements for
__________ and __________.
Should you fail to contact the undersigned within one week of the date hereof with regard to the date of payment of the
full amount above demanded, Lender will commence pursuing its appropriate remedies without delay.
[Complimentary Closing and Signature Block]


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