Work Experience Education (Wee) Training Agreement Template


Work Experience Education (WEE) Training Agreement
For Student to Complete:
As a student enrolled in the WEE program, I:
will find a job that meets the class guidelines.
Student Name:____________________________________
will obtain a work permit for each job held if under 18
Home Address: ___________________________________
years of age.
City: _____________________ Zip Code: ______________
will attend weekly classes, submit weekly records of hours
Phone: ___________________ Date of Birth: __________
worked, provide pay stubs, complete assignments, and
Age: _________ Grade Level: _______________________
follow all the policies of this program.
understand if I am absent from school for any reason, then
General Work Experience Program
I am not allowed to go to work on the day of that absence.
Exploratory Work Experience Program
I will attend school regularly.
Career Technical Work Experience Education
will inform the WEE teacher coordinator and seek advice
Work Permit Issued:
18+ yrs
BEFORE quitting my job.
For Parent/Guardian to Complete:
As parent/guardian of a student enrolled in WEE, I:
give permission for the student to leave school during
Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________
Address: ________________________________________
assume responsibility for the safety and conduct of the
City: _____________________ Zip Code: ______________
student while traveling to and from school, job, and home.
Phone: _________________________________________
assume responsibility for the student’s supervision while
As parent/guardian of a student enrolled in WEE, I:
off campus.
give permission for the student to be employed.
will assist my student in successful completion of this
For Employer to Complete:
provided an itemized statement of deductions with every
Employed by: ____________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
complete student evaluations and time sheets.
City: _____________________ Zip Code: ______________
consult with the WEE coordinator regarding student’s
Phone: _________________________________________
Employer’s Worker’s Comp. _________________________
release student from work when requested by the school.
Student Job Title: _________________________________
adhere to all Federal and State regulations regarding
Job Duties: ______________________________________
As the employment site, we will:
provide the probability of continuous employment a
not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national
minimum of 10 hours weekly through a semester.
origin, sex, or disability, creed or religion.
notify the WEE coordinator immediately of any problems
ensuring working conditions do not endanger the health,
or concerns or if the student is terminated or quits.
safety, welfare, or morals of the student.
provide Workers Compensation Insurance through the
provide adequate adult supervision.
local school district.
provide adequate equipment, materials, facilities, and
accommodations to allow appropriate learning
For Work Experience Teacher Coordinator to Complete:
Work Experience Education Coordinator Will:
Student’s on-the-job objectives:
review and approve student job sites.
(1) _____________________________________________
conduct a minimum of 2 site visits/semester.
maintain all program/student records per Ed Code.
(3) _____________________________________________
consult with employer, student, and parent/guardian
regarding job performance, progress in class, grade, etc.
Non-discriminatory Statement:
“No person shall be excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of any local agency’s program or activity on the
basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or
physical disability in any program or activity conducted by an educational institution or any other local agency, which is
funded directly by, or that receives benefits from nay state financial assistance.” (5 CCR, Ch. 5.3, SubCh. 1, Art. 1)
Student Signature: ______________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________
Employer Signature: ____________________________ WEE Coordinator Signature: ______________________________


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