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Additional Accounting/Other Services Desired :
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Description of Service:
Enter client source documents in our software.
Balance Bank Accounts.
Summarize sales activity.
Other bookkeeping services.
Prepare adjusting entries for financial statements.
Prepare closing entries for client.
Prepare bonding schedules.
Prepare monthly financials.
Prepare Quarterly/Semi-Annual financials.
Prepare Annual financials.
Prepare Business tax returns.
Prepare Owners’ tax returns.
Prepare live payroll.
Prepare quarterly payroll returns.
Prepare sales tax returns.
Prepare personal property tax returns.
Estate planning for owners.
Business valuation for estate planning or buy/sell agreements.
Financial planning for owners.
Tax planning for entity.
Tax planning for owners.
Cash Flow Generator Program
Pension Plan returns or Establishment
Personal Financial statements.
Budgets or forecasts.
Accounting software consultation.
Accounting software training.
Upgrade reporting for future credit needs.
Employee Benefit Plan Setup
Web Site Design
Web Site Hosting
Computer Consulting
John W. Chain, CPA, APC


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