Hydrant Flow Test Permit Request Form


The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County
Hydrant Flow Test Permit Request Form
The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County shall regulate the use of water from all fire hydrants and
outlets, including private hydrants.
A. PERMIT FOR TESTING USE: No person shall use any fire hydrant without first applying to M.A.W.C.
which may issue a permit upon evaluation of the request. The permit fee shall include costs for compensation
of inspection by Authority personnel and those costs incurred for billing.
B. RESTRICTIONS & RESPONSIBILITY: This permit is restricted to the hydrant(s) listed below, and it is
understood the permission for use of these fire hydrants will be granted only to responsible persons/firms.
C. PROHIBITED USES: The use of fire hydrant(s) in freezing weather or when the ground is frozen is not
permitted. The outside air temperature must be at least 40°F and rising.
D. CANCELLATIONS: M.A.W.C. may cancel this permit in cases of water shortage, cold weather, damage to
private or Authority property resulting from hydrant use, or whenever the public interest requires.
E. PRIVATE HYDRANT RELEASE FORM: In the event that a “Private Hydrant” is chosen for the flow or
residual hydrant, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to have the property owner of the private hydrant to
complete and execute M.A.W.C.’s Private Hydrant Release Form prior to any work being performed.
FIRE HYDRANT FLOW TEST: For hydrant flow tests, the applicant is responsible for selecting the
applicable flow hydrant and residual hydrant for testing.
I wish to have a Flow Test performed by M.A.W.C. personnel.
DATE/TIME FLOW TEST REQUESTED: _________________________________________
FLOW HYDRANT #_________________ RESIDUAL HYDRANT #___________________
(if known)
(if known)
LOCATION: (Street/Intersection)_________________________________________________
(Township/Borough/Municipality) _____________________________________
Would you like to be present for the flow test? Yes ____________ No ____________________
Applicant Information:
Name ______________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person _______________________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________
Contact Number ______________________________________________________________________
Email Address ________________________________________________________________________


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