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For many college students, the first big project, be it a research paper, oral presentation, or creative work, is a
big challenge. Sometimes these projects are worth a considerable percentage of your total semester grade, and
your professors expect you to spend a lot of time on them. They can tell when a big project is hastily put
together a day or two before it is due, and they will grade accordingly. There can be so much to do for a big
project that the assignment may seem overwhelming.
The trick to getting a big project done is to break it up into smaller projects that are steps along the road to
completion. Creating these steps makes a big job less intimidating, helps you plan how much time you need to
finish the project, and clearly defines progress as you work through each step. The attached to-do list planning
form can help you with this process.
First, divide the project into steps, each with its own deadline. For an example, see page 2 of this document. A
long research paper has been broken down into three steps: deciding on a topic, researching it, and writing the
paper. Each step has then been broken down into smaller steps, again with completion deadlines. The
checkboxes can be used to indicate when each step of the project is done.
Page 3 of this document is a blank project to-do list, which you may copy for planning more than one project or
projects that comprise more than three steps. You can
add as many additional pages as needed to capture all of the
steps in your project
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