Lease Agreement Form


Farm Address:
Lease between ________(farmer) and ________ (landowner). The fee for the use of a ____(size) area and
__________(housing, equipment etc.) will be _____(amount) annually payable on ____________ of each
(month/year) covering the period from ___ to _______.
The parties agree to abide by all of the following conditions during the entire term of the lease
• _________(farmer/landowner) will be responsible for the maintenance of the __area of the property.
• There will/will not be no subletting allowed.
• There will/will not be farm animals as part of the operation on the leased plot.
• _________(farmer/landowner) will pay for any electricity/water/gas etc. according to _____(meter
reading, 50% of bill etc.)
• _________(farmer/landowner) will be responsible for the cost of maintenance and improvements to
the leased plot subject to consensus of both parties.
• _________(farmer/landowner) will provide/ own/provide and own any permanent improvements
that she brought to leased land (greenhouse/irrigation, fencing). Exceptions _______
• Any changes to the lease agreement will be discussed beforehand.
• Permitted Activity: The farmer is permitted all activities associated with the farming which may
include (but not be limited to) ___________________________(list activities such as operations, hosting
tours and events, installing infrastructure etc.)
Prohibited Activity: The farmer will not, (unless negotiated with landowner) participate in any of
the following activities
• The (farmer/landowner) agrees to pay all taxes and assessments associated with this parcel.
• The (farmer/landowner) agrees to provide the (farmer/landowner) with evidence of their own
liability coverage
• Other special terms and conditions in this lease:
Attachments may include:
• Map Plan of land
• Proof of insurance
• Other rules or documents referred to in the body of the agreement
• Signature of Landowner ____________________
• Signature of Witness
• Signature of Lessee
• Date Executed


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