Form 50-148 - Report Of Leased Space For Storage Of Personal Property

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50-148 (Rev. 8-97/2)
[Ren. V.22.04]
This rendition covers property you owned on January 1 of this year. You must file this rendition with your county appraisal district after January 1 and not
later than April 15 of this year. You may ask for additional time and it may be granted if you can show good cause to the chief appraiser.
Appraisal district name
Tax year
January 1, _________
Present mailing address (number and street)
Phone (area code and number)
City, town or post office, state, ZIP code
Business name
Present mailing address (number and street)
City, town or post office, state, ZIP code
Phone (area code and number)
When required by the chief appraiser, a person who leases or otherwise provides space to another for storage of personal property shall file an information
report stating the name and address of each person to whom he leased or otherwise provided storage space on January 1. [Tex. Property Tax Code, Sec.
I affirm that the information contained in this report is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Company name
Are you the property owner, an employee of the property owner, or acting on behalf of an affiliated entity of the property owner?
The application must be signed and dated. By signing this document, you attest that the information contained on it is true and correct to
the best of your knowledge and belief. If you checked “Yes” above, sign and date the application.
__________________________________________________________________ Date _________________
If you checked “No” above, you must complete the following:
I swear that the information provided on this form is true and accurate.
__________________________________________________________________ Date _________________
I attest that the individual signing above subscribed and swore to the accuracy and truth of the information provided on this form
before me, this the ______ day of ________________ , ______ .
Notary Public
Section 22.26 of the Property Tax Code states:
(a) Each rendition statement or property report required or authorized by this chapter must be signed by an individual who
is required to file the statement or report.
(b) When a corporation is required to file a statement or report, an officer of the corporation or an employee or agent who has
been designated in writing by the board of directors or by an authorized officer to sign in behalf of the corporation must
sign the statement or report.


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