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City Court of the City of Lake Charles
Vs. No. __________________
State of Louisiana, Parish of Calcasieu
____________________________________, Plaintiff in the above cause, shows that
he has caused a writ of ______________ to issue against __________________________
defendant, on _____________, _____, for the sum of _____________________________
____________________________________ $ ________________ with legal interest per annum
interest thereon from judicial demand until paid, and for costs of suit:
That plaintiff has reason for the believing and does believe that
__________________________________, a resident of Ward 3 of Calcasieu Parish, State of
Louisiana, is indebted to, and has in his hands, or under his control, property and effects of
Wherefore plaintiff prays for a writ of garnishment against said____________________ ,
who is indebted to, or has in his hands or under his control, effects of defendant, and
plaintiff further prays that said ____________________________________________ be cited to
answer the interrogatories hereto annexed, touching said property and effects and indebtedness.
Prays for costs and general relief.
Attorney for Plaintiff
Interrogatories propounded to ____________________________________, cited as garnishee:
: At the time of the service of the garnishment, or at any time since, had you in your
possession, or under your control, any property, money or effects of the defendant? If so, state what
property, how much and of what value, and what money or effects.
: At the time of the service of the garnishment, or at any time since, did you owe the
defendant any money, or do you owe the defendant any money now? If so, how much, on what
account, and when did it become due? If not yet due, when will it become due?
: At the time of the service of these interrogatories, or at any time since, was the defendant
in writ employed by you in any capacity, and if yes, what is the nature of his employment, the
amount and rate of compensation, salary, or wages given or paid therefore, the date, method and
manner of payment of same, and the date and amount of the last payment made to said defendant in
writ; and is the same sufficient to pay or satisfy the full amount of said writ, or , if less, to what?
– you being required to make a full disclosure.
: At the time of the service of these interrogatories were there any other judgments or
garnishments affecting such wage, salary or compensation, and if so, what is the present status
City Court of the City of Lake Charles
Vs. No. __________________
State of Louisiana, Parish of Calcasieu
Premises considered, it is ordered that garnishment process issued as prayed for, and that
__________________ be made party garnishee and cited to answer, under oath, within the legal
delays, the above and foregoing interrogatories.
Deputy Clerk of said Court.


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