Application For Sign Permit Form


Complete and return to the Zoning Enforcement Officer
Town of Greenville, Greene County, NY
11159 SR 32, PO Box 38, Greenville, NY 12083
518-966-5055 x27 or x29
Permit number____________
Applicant’s Name________________________ Property Owner’s Name___________________
Address________________________________ Address_______________________________
______________________________________ ______________________________________
Phone__________________________________ Phone_________________________________
1. Written permission to erect a sign from landowner must accompany permit application if property
is not owned by the applicant.
2. A sign permit fee in accordance with Article IX, §B(1), must accompany permit application.
3. There shall not be permitted more than one free standing sign on a single parcel of real property.
There shall not be permitted more than one sign per business affixed to a structure on a single
parcel of real property. A free standing sign may advertise one or more names or interests.
64 square feet in the following zones: GC, HC and RR
32 square feet in the following zones: HR, HB and LR
On-site Sign: $25
Off-site Sign: $50
SIGN DETAIL SKETCH: Attach drawing(s) with all sign details such as height, width, method
of support, materials and lighting. Also colors to be used for background, lettering, etc.
SIGN SITE DETAIL: Attach drawing(s) indicating sign’s location in relation to road, buildings,
natural features, etc, in sufficient scale to accurately show location of sign on the site. Signs are
not allowed in the highway right-of-way.
It is agreed and understood that additional information may be required from the applicant, if, in the judgement of
the Zoning Enforcement Officer, the information is necessary to make an accurate determination of compliance with
Article IX of the Town of Greenville Zoning Law.
Signature of Applicant________________________________________ Date ______________
I have reviewed the sign detail information outlined above and find
that the sign as proposed, is ___ in conformity
___not in conformity
Zoning Enforcement Officer


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