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An employer is required by law to file a registration form with the Employment Development Department (EDD) within
fifteen (15) calendar days after paying wages for employment, or whenever a change in ownership occurs. Complete this
DE 1GS and file at address shown on page 1 of form.
A. BUSINESS NAME – Give the name by which your business is known to the public. Enter "None" if no business name
is used. Enter the date the new ownership began operating. Enter Federal Employer Identification Number(s). If not
assigned, enter "Applied For."
B. ORGANIZATION NAME – Give the name of the organization under which your business operates. Give a brief
description of the nature of activity performed, e.g., National Guard, Public School District, County, two year college,
university. Enter the full name, middle initial, surname, title, social security number and driver’ s license number for
each officer or administrator.
C. BUSINESS LOCATION – Enter the California address and county where the business in A is physically conducted. If
more than one California location, list on a separate sheet and attach to this form. In Mailing Address, enter the
address where EDD correspondence and forms should be sent. If this address is the same as the business location,
enter "Same." Provide daytime business phone number.
D. PRIOR REGISTRATION – If any part of the ownership in B is operating or has ever operated at another location,
check "yes" and provide account number, business name and address
E. WAGES – Check the appropriate box when you first paid wages.
F. PIT WITHHOLDING – Check appropriate box. If you are not sure if you are subject to monthly/semi-weekly Personal
Income Tax deposits, contact the nearest Employment Tax Customer Service Office (ETCSO).
G. ORGANIZATION TYPE – Check the box which best describes the legal form of the ownership in B.
H. ALTERNATIVE FINANCING – If you would like information on alternative methods of financing unemployment
insurance, check the appropriate box, otherwise check NO.
EMPLOYER TYPE – Check the box which best describes your employer type. Enter total number of employees for
the ownership in B.
J. CONTACT PERSON – Enter the name and phone number of the person authorized by the ownership shown in B to
provide information to EDD staff.
K. SUPPORTIVE SERVICES – Check the box which best describes the supportive services provided by B.
L. DECLARATION – This declaration should be signed by one of the names shown in B.
NEED MORE HELP OR INFORMATION? Call Account Services Group (ASG) in Sacramento at (916) 654-7041 with
questions regarding this form or the registration and account number assignment process. If you have questions about
whether your business entity is subject to reporting and paying state payroll taxes, contact the nearest Employment Tax
Customer Service Office (ETCSO) listed in your local telephone directory under State Government, Employment
Development Department or call the Sacramento ETCSO at (916) 464-3502.
Three options for obtaining a new employer account number are available: by mail, by calling (916) 654-8706 to obtain
your account number over the phone, or by fax service at (916) 654-9211. All three options require that a registration form
be completed and mailed to: Employment Development Department, Account Services Group, MIC 28, P.O. Box 826880,
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001.
We will notify you of your EDD account number by mail. To help you understand your tax withholding and filing
responsibilities you will be sent a California Employer's Guide, DE 44. Please keep your account status current by
notifying ASG of all future changes to the original registration information.
DE 1GS Rev. 2 (1-00) (INTERNET)
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