Notice To Terminate A Tenancy Form


This will end your tenancy and you should take legal
advice before signing it.
In accordance with your tenancy agreement, you must give at least four weeks written notice before
you want to leave the property. This four-week “notice” time must end on a Monday and you must
return your keys to the Neighbourhood Housing Office or One Stop Centre before 12 o’clock midday
on that final Monday. Please do not backdate this document.
If you are joint tenants any one of you can end the tenancy by giving the Council four weeks’ notice.
That notice will end the tenancy of both/all joint tenants. There is no automatic right for the other joint
tenant (s) to stay in the property.
You must pay your rent in full before you leave. You must not leave anybody else living in the
property when you move out. You must leave the property, the fixtures and fittings and any
furnishings we have provided in reasonable condition when you go. You must not leave any of your
belongings or any rubbish behind. If you do, you will be charged for the reasonable cost of disposal.
I hereby give you notice that on Monday ______________of ______________, I shall quit and
(Month and Year)
deliver up possession of the premises which I now hold.
1. Tenant’s Name (Block Capitals):__________________________________________________________
2. Tenancy Address:_____________________________________________________________________
3. Reason for ending tenancy :_____________________________________________________________
4. What is your new address? _____________________________________________________________
I also confirm that the Council can dispose of any items (of any description) left on the
premises. I am aware that if I leave any belongings or rubbish behind I will be charged for the
reasonable cost of disposal.
Please sign here: _____________________________________________Date: _____/_____/____
The Council would like to let your home again as quickly as possible. It would help us if you
could give the following information.
1. Are you prepared to let the new residents view
the property before you leave?
(Please tick)
2. Can we contact you by telephone? (Please tick)
Home Number ______________ Mobile Number_____________
3. Do you have a separate garage tenancy? If you do
not wish to keep it then you need to inform the Council
of this separately
Official Use
CBL Advert? YES/NO
Please turnover and complete
Joint to Sole? YES/NO
Sole to Joint? YES/NO


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