Freddie Mac Form 1074 - Freddie Mac Reset Mortgage Confirmation


Form 1074
Freddie Mac Reset
Mortgage Confirmation
Servicer Number: _____________________________
Servicer Name: _________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Contact Name: _________________________________
Phone Number:______________________________
Freddie Mac hereby confirms notification from the above-named Servicer (“Servicer”) of the Borrower’s election to
exercise the Reset Option or Freddie Mac’s approval of the terms of the offer of modification.
Servicer hereby agrees to remit to Freddie Mac principal and interest on the Reset Mortgage at the Required Net Yield
set forth below, as required by Chapter A83 of the Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (“Guide”)
beginning with the xx/xx accounting cycle.
Reset Mortgage Accepted by Freddie Mac:
Freddie Mac Loan Number to be Reset: _________________________
S/S Loan Number: __________________________________________
Date of Rate Lock-in: ________________________________________
Date of delivery for Form 3293 and other documentation pursuant to Section 83.103: ________________
Freddie Mac 60-Day Required Net Yield (RNY): _____________ Acct Net Yield (ANY): ____________
Minimum servicing spread: ___________________________________
Maturity date of Reset Mortgage: ______________________________
Loan Purpose Code: _________________________________________
Reset Date: ________________________________________________
Remittance Cycle: __________________________________________
Borrower Name: ___________________________________________
Address of Mortgaged Premises: _______________________________
Reset Mortgage Data to be Completed by Servicer:
Reset Note Rate:
(rounded to the nearest one-eighth percent)
Was the mortgage originated on Freddie Mac documents? ___________
Reset Mortgage Principal and Interest Payment Unpaid Principal Balance at Reset Date:
Servicing Spread on Reset Mortgage:
Servicer Acknowledgement:
By Servicer’s submission of this Reset Mortgage Confirmation, Servicer acknowledges, certifies and agrees to the terms
specified herein, including remittance of the Required Net Yield to Freddie Mac. The Servicer must complete and
transmit this form to Freddie Mac at least one Business Day prior to sending the Reset Documents to the Document
Custodian holding the Note. Failure to deliver this information by the date required may subject the Servicer to late fees
or noncompliance fees as provided in the Guide.
Date of Acknowledgement:
NOTE: This document is an exhibit provided for illustrative purposes only. The Form 1074 will automatically be
produced when the required data elements above are entered into the Freddie Mac Service Loans application.
Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide
Bulletin 2011-16
Page F1074–1


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