Sample Application Letter To The China Center For Children'S Welfare & Adoption/cccwa


SAMPLE APPLICATION LETTER (essential requirements in bold)
To The China Center for Children’s Welfare & Adoption/CCCWA,
My name is Virginia Ann Smith. I was born on July 7, 1967 in Elgin, TX. My
husband is Joseph Allan Smith. He was born on October 30, 1968 in Chicago, IL. We
are both citizens of the United States. We respectfully request the honor and privilege
of adopting a baby girl from China.
A baby daughter has been part of our dreams for quite some time. We feel that adoption
is a great choice for us. We look forward to expanding our family through adoption.
When considering adoption we were drawn to China because of the many healthy and
well cared for children in China in need of loving homes. To bring such a wonderful
daughter into our home is everything we could ever hope for and it will complete our
family. Therefore, we are respectfully requesting a healthy or special needs
daughter between the ages of birth and 18 months of age.
Our daughter will enjoy a beautiful and loving home, and a stimulating and nurturing
environment. In addition to our love and dedication, she will have all the legal rights
and opportunities of a birth child. We promise not to abandon or abuse our
daughter. We will raise and educate our adopted child to be a healthy adult. She will
also have the love of her two brothers Hector and David Smith who are so excited about
having a little sister to look after. We promise to complete all 6 required post adoption
visits and reports as required by the CCCWA.
We will do everything we possibly can to help her build on her natural curiosity to
develop her full intellectual and physical potential. My husband and I both believe
strongly in the value of an education, and we will support our daughter in every way
to ensure that she receive the best education possible. We will also take great care and
pride in guiding our daughter to learn of her beautiful culture and heritage of China. If
we are fortunate enough to be able to share our lives with that of a daughter from China,
we will do everything we can to fill her life with love, joy and happiness.
We thank you for considering us as adoptive parents and for helping to make our dreams
of completing our family come true.
______________________ _____________________
Virginia Smith and Joseph Smith
State of ________________
County of _________________
Subscribed and sworn before me this ______day of _____ 2011.
Notary Public


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