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Heating & Cooling
New Equipment Rebate Terms and Conditions
Applicant Eligibility
Applicants must be the customer of record OR own the facility where the installation occurred for an active SCE&G residential electric account.
Applicants who are not the account holder, but do own the property where the service was performed, may apply by including an IRS Form W9,
which can be found at
Rebates are valid for purchased equipment. Leased equipment will not qualify.
All HVAC new equipment meeting the eligibility requirements of this application must be installed on or after 12/1/2015. All equipment must be new
and must be installed prior to the submission of the rebate application. Only AHRI-rated equipment meeting the program’s efficiency requirements
will qualify. Multiple rebates for the same piece of equipment are not permitted.
Applicants are responsible for ensuring that equipment installed for this program meets all applicable codes, standards and requirements.
Equipment must be installed by a licensed mechanical contractor.
To be eligible for a rebate, installed equipment must be of the same equipment type as removed equipment. (Ex. Central air conditioners must be
replaced by central air conditioners and heat pumps must be replaced by heat pumps.) This program does not allow fuel switching or provide
rebates for new equipment that does not replace old equipment of the same type.
Removed equipment must be legally disposed of and must not be reinstalled in SCE&G’s service territory or transferred to any other party for
installation in SCE&G’s service territory.
Applicants must submit a completed Heating & Cooling New Equipment Rebate Application along with a copy of proof of purchase (detailed
installation invoice) within 90 days of installation.
Other Conditions
SCE&G’s Heating & Cooling Rebate Program has been approved by the Public Service Commission of South Carolina and may be subject to change
or modification, without prior notice, at any time.
Rebate payments will be in the form of checks and made out to the account holder (customer), unless an IRS Form W9 is submitted, as stated
in #1 under Applicant Eligibility.
Should equipment for which a rebate was paid be removed after the rebate is paid, the applicant will reimburse SCE&G for the rebate paid plus
associated legal and/or collection related costs and expenses.
SCE&G reserves and the Applicant grants SCE&G the right to inspect the installation. Should the facility not have the qualifying equipment installed,
contrary to the information contained in the Application, the rebate must be repaid to SCE&G.
SCE&G reserves the right to amend or discontinue this program without notice.
Rebates will be processed approximately four to six weeks after receipt of a completed Rebate Application and proof of purchase
(detailed installation invoice). Incomplete applications are subject to delay or denial.
SCE&G does not warrant the performance of the equipment or that the equipment will result in reduced usage or demand or lower energy costs.
Send your completed Heating & Cooling New Equipment Rebate Application and proof of purchase (detailed installation invoice) to:
Mail: SCE&G HVAC Rebates
220 Operation Way
Mail Code DSM
Fax: 1-855-826-7543
Cayce, SC 29033-3701
If you have any questions, please call 1-877-510-7234 or visit
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