Lessee Group Event Worksheet And Rental Agreement Form


Jackson/Madison County Library
Policies and Procedures
Event Worksheet
Name of Lessee Group__________________________________________________________________
Day(s) and Date (s) of Event _____________________________________________________________________
Time the meeting(s) starts _________________ circle a.m. or p.m.
Rental Hours (including set up & clean up)
Beginning rental time__________ (circle a.m. or p.m.) Ending rental time __________ circle a.m. or p.m.
Contact Person ____________________________________
Contact Phone Number _______________________
(The Library will work with this person exclusively during the rental period of this agreement. The contact person is
the responsible party and must be present at walk-through and during the meeting to implement the rental
agreements, user guidelines and policies.)
Contact Email: _______________________________________________________________________
Contact Address:
Describe Your Plans:
**Lessee is responsible for set up of room.
What type of meeting will take place?
Number of expected guests _________
How many tables will you need? ____________________ How many chairs?________________________
Will audio-visual equipment needed? If so, what equipment? ____________________________
News Media expected?______________________
Special Needs:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The library has posted hours for when the library is open.
Total Fees for Meeting Room Services:
Room Rental fee per meeting $ _____
Rental fee check # ________
Total Amount Paid $ ___________
Fax to: Attn Tina – 731-425-8609
Email: Dharris@co.madison.tn.us


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