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Civil Action No. ____________________________
The above case having regularly come before the Court, and the defendant having
failed to appear, and the Court having
read, heard, and considered the evidence.
It is ORDERED and ADJUDGED that:
On the issue of possession, a WRIT OF POSSESSION (
shall not
shall) be issued:
on __________________________________
Upon written notice to this Court of defendant’s failure to pay plaintiff(s) $________________ principal, $_____________ interest,
$___________________ attorney fees, and $______________ court costs.
on or before _______________________
as follows _______________________
On the Plaintiffs’ claims for a money judgment:
Plaintiff(s) recover judgment against defendant(s) ___________________________ in the sum of $______________ principal,
$____________ interest, $___________ attorney fees, $____________ court costs, and interest at _____________ percent per
annum as shall accrue hereafter.
Plaintiff(s) has/have Consent Judgment against defendant(s) _____________________________ for the sum of $__________ principal,
$______________ interest, $_____________ attorney fees, and $_____________ court costs as follows: ________________________
No FiFa will issue and no garnishment or other action will be taken on said consent judgment as long as payment are timely begun and
timely paid, as agreed. Should the defendant(s) fail to make payment or should payment be made more than 5 days beyond the due date,
the Clerk of Magistrate Court shall issue a FiFa in the amount then outstanding upon written notice from the plaintiff(s) that payments
have not been made as agreed and upon payment of the applicable FiFa fee.
Plaintiff’s claim is denied (in its entirety) (as to the issue of _____________________________)
Plaintiff’s claim is dismissed without prejudice.
Plaintiff(s) be paid $__________________________ now being held in the Court Registry and Defendant(s) shall pay $______________.
On the Defendant’s Counterclaim against the Plaintiff:
Defendant(s) recover judgment against plaintiff(s) ___________________________ in the amount of $___________ principal,
$_____________ interest, $________________ attorney fees.
Defendant(s) counterclaim is hereby denied (in its entirety) (as to the issue of ________________________________)
Defendant(s) counterclaim is dismissed without prejudice.
Defendant(s) be paid $_____________________ now being held in the Court Registry and Plaintiff(s) shall pay $__________________.
This __________ day of ________________________________, 20_________.
________________ Judge
Magistrate Court
______________________________________, Plaintiff
White County, Georgia
______________________________________, Defendant


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