Equinox Challenge Quiz Template


Equinox Challenge
Directions: Read each sentence. Then circle the letter next to the answer that
completes the sentence.
1. The day of the fall equinox in Canada is also the day of the _______ in Australia.
a. fall equinox
b. spring equinox
c. summer solstice
2. Earth orbits the Sun in the shape of ________________ .
a. an ellipse
b. a circle
c. a double helix
3. After the fall equinox, the Sun ________________ .
a. appears lower in the sky
b. appears higher in the sky
c. appears in the same place
4. Earth is farthest from the Sun in ________________ .
a. December
b. September
c. July
5. The interval between the spring equinox and the following fall equinox in the
Northern hemisphere is ________ the interval between the fall equinox and the
following spring equinox.
a. the same length as
b. longer than
c. shorter than
6. The fall equinox occurs when _____________.
a. the Sun is above the equator
b. Earth starts to move away from the Sun
c. Earth starts to move towards the Sun
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