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Screen Time Contract
I, __________________________________, will abide by the following
expectations regarding screen time:
Every day, I will have this much total screen time: ________________________
(screen time includes television, computer, video games, and hand held video games/ipod)
If necessary, you can get even more specific and define how much screen time will be used for
each type of activity
Television _____________________
Video Games ________________________
Computer _____________________
Hand held video games/ipod _______________
Screen time will never get in the way of my homework time
When my screen time is over, I will stop my video, show, or game without an
Screen time will never get in the way of household chores and obligations
I understand that some days I may not get all of my screen time if I have other
obligations during the day
If I follow the screen time contract, my reward is:
If I don’t follow the screen time contract, my consequence is:
We will review our contract on this date: _____________________
Child signature: ____________________________________ Date: ___________
Parent signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________


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