Extracurricular Activity Contract Template


Extracurricular Activity Contract
I, __________________________________, would like to participate in
the following after school activity/activities:
In order to participate in an extracurricular activity:
I will keep up with my school work and my grades must stay in the range of
________ (
) or above
fill in grade
I will continue to do my chores and meet my family obligations such as:
I will complete the activity and follow through with any responsibilities related to
the activity
I will not complain about attending the activity even if I don’t like it as much as
I thought I would
If I can keep up with these expectations, then I will show my parents that I am
responsible enough to participate in other extracurricular activities!
We will review our contract on this date: _____________________
Child signature: ____________________________________ Date: ___________
Parent signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________


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