School Attendance Contract Template


School Attendance Contract
I, __________________________________, will abide by the following
expectations regarding school attendance:
I will attend all classes daily
I will be on time to school and class unless I have a teacher/parent excuse
I will not have any unexcused absences for
(time period)
If I need to be absent for any reason, an appropriate excuse will be submitted to
the office/attendance clerk
I will be prepared for class and have the appropriate materials
As a parent I will:
Actively monitor my child’s attendance, discipline, and grades by being in touch
with the school every
(time period)
I will call the school and provide an excuse for absence when necessary
I will make sure that my child has transportation to school daily so he/she will be
on time to class (method of transportation:____________________________)
If I complete this contract successfully, my reward is: _____________________
Failure to meet the conditions of this contract will result in: _________________
We will review our contract on this date: _____________________
Child signature: ____________________________________ Date: ___________
Parent signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________
School Staff signature: ______________________________ Date: ___________


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