Form Sr-1 - Non-Resident Employee Refund Application Non-Resident Employee Refund Application


Non-Resident Employee Refund Application Form SR-1
For Days Worked out of Springboro
Ii Inns
All claims must be properly signed.
An employee who is claiming a refund of taxes withheld must list his/hers employers names
and addresses and attach his/her wage statement(s) showing Springboro tax withheld (Forms
The average working year consists of 261 days (Saturday and Sunday are not considered
working days).
Training sessions, seminars, local meetings, temporary or casual employment, although they
may be out of the city, do not constitute changes in work sites and are not factors in
determining time worked out of the city.
The employer’s certification must be completed by an authorized officer or agent.
Attach copies of federal forms as may be applicable.
No refund of less than ten dollars ($10.00) will be made.
Refund requests will not be honored beyond three (3) years from the date the taxes were due.
Refunds are issued within 90 days after the city has receipt of the employer’s correct W-3
reconciliation form, including all W-2 information, whichever is later.
Note: Incomplete claims cannot be approved and will be returned to the claimant.
In addition, please be advised that we will be notifying your resident city and those Ohio cities shown
On your itinerary, who also have income tax. It appears that one of the intentions of the new State law
is to hold the employee responsible to pay either the city where the work was performed or the base
city of employment, when both are taxing municipalities. Since you are receiving a refund of taxes
withheld for your base city of employment, the work city of city or residence may elect to pursue
recovery of those dollars.
If you have any questions, please contact the Tax Office at (937) 748-9701 or visit our web site at


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