Form 5 - Condition 21 Of The General Conditions Of Qbcc New Home Construction Contract

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Variation No.
Build better.
(Condition 21 of the General Conditions of QBCC Level 2 Renovation, Extension and Repair Contract)
NOTE TO CONTRACTOR: This form, which may be copied for multiple use, must be presented to and signed by the
Owner before you start any work described in the variation.
To: (Owner/s) _________________________________________________________________________________________
(insert name and postal address of Owner/s)
From: (Contractor) ____________________________________________________________________________________
Site Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________
(insert Site address)
This document is for a variation:
required by law
(tick whichever is applicable)
for extra excavation and foundations
requested by the Owner/Owner’s Representative
requested by the Contractor/Contractor’s Representative for the following
reasons: _____________________________________________________________
(insert reasons)
The change to the Works is as follows: _____________________________________________________________________
(insert description of the variation including any change to the work or materials required by reason of the variation)
The Contractor’s/Contractor’s Representative’s reasonable estimate of the period of any delay in the Date for Practical
Completion that will result from the variation is:
business days.
If the variation causes you actual delay you must also submit a QBCC Form 2 – Extension of Time Claim and Owner’s
Response to Claim within 10 business days of the earlier of when you became aware of the cause and extent of the
delay, or when you reasonably ought to have become aware of the cause and extent of the delay (see Condition 23).
The variation will change the price payable by the
The increase or decrease (if any change) in the
Contract Price payable by the Owner as a result of the
Owner as follows: (tick whichever is applicable)
variation will be taken into account in the Contractor’s
increase the price by:
progress claim for the following Stage described in
(incl. GST)
Schedule Item 8:
no change to price
decrease the price by:
(incl. GST)
(insert description of Stage from Schedule Item 8)
increase/decrease (delete whichever is
not applicable) the price by an amount that
(Owner/Owner’s Representative to initial here)
will be calculated as follows:
NOTE: The Contractor cannot seek an increase in
payment due to a variation before the variation work
(state how the increase/decrease will be calculated)
has been completed.
(Owner/Owner’s Representative to sign)
(Contractor/Contractor’s Representative to sign)
(day) (month) (year)
(day) (month) (year)
When form completed, Contractor to retain original and give 2 legible copies to Owner.


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