Community Service Guidelines And Application Form


Seminole County Public Schools, Florida
Community Service Program
Guidelines and Application
What is the purpose of Community Service? To encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility for others within their
community. To help students foster an understanding of the value of volunteerism and the rewards of helping others.
What are the benefits of Community Service? At the conclusion of 75 hours of community service, students will receive a maximum
.5 credit. Universities value student’s volunteerism. All levels of the Bright Futures Scholarships require community service.
What are the guidelines for Community Service? All guidelines are based upon state and SCPS directives; they are not school-based.
It is highly recommended that this completed Community Service Application be submitted and signed by your counselor prior
to volunteering. This is the only way to guarantee that your service hours will be accepted.
Only approved SCPS community service sites will be accepted.
Students have until May 1 of their graduation year to complete their required hours.
The community service may be completed at up to four approved agencies. Note: If a student chooses four approved sites, a
minimum of 25 hours must be served at each site. The student may choose to consider all Seminole County Public School
departments and schools as one agency.
Students may complete a maximum 30 hours community service at their own high school. Note: Hours must be earned beyond
the school day.
Community service hours will not be accepted for any of the following circumstances:
Service for which a student receives compensation
Court-directed community service
Service that is a prerequisite for employment
Fundraising for a school sponsored activity
Attendance at religious services, retreats, self-improvement courses, conferences or workshops
Service to one’s own family
Unsupervised service
Volunteering to promote a particular religious political point of view or person
2011-12 High School Graduates and Beyond
NEW - July 1, 2011 - Increase in community service award level requirement for all three Bright Futures award levels. Bright Futures
Florida Academic Scholars (FAS), Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS), and Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) during the
2011-12 academic year, and thereafter, must complete:
FAS = 100 Hours
FMS = 75 Hours
GSV = 30 Hours
What are the procedures for completing Community Service?
Review the SCPS approved list of community service sites. A copy of the approved list is available on the SCPS website
(Students tab, Student Information drop down box).
Contact an approved community service site and speak with the site supervisor.
Complete the community service application below. Remember to include the student, parent and the supervising agency
It is recommended that your counselor sign the completed community service application prior to volunteering.
It is solely the student’s responsibility to maintain copies of all documents, including the signed community service
Begin volunteering.
It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of their volunteer hours on the Community Service Log.
At the conclusion of the award level required hours, the student must submit the original Community Service Application,
the Community Service Log, and a one page single-spaced, reflective essay that includes why you chose the specific site(s),
what duties you performed and what you gained personally from the experience. One essay may address the experiences at
multiple sites.
SCPS Form 1489 (Revised 05/21/12) SB


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