Form 50-128 - Application For Miscellaneous Property Tax Exemptions - 2010

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50-128 (Rev. 11-05/10)
[11.23 Rule 9.415]
Appraisal District Name
Phone (Area code and number)
This application covers property you owned on January 1 of this year, or acquired during this year. You must file the completed form between
January 1 and no later than April 30 of this year. If you acquire the property after January 1 of this year and wish to qualify for the exemption this
year, you must apply before the first anniversary of the date you acquired the property, or before the first anniversary of the date any property
was acquired after January 1. Be sure to attach any additional documents requested. You must apply for this exemption every year, except for
exemption as a medical center development. This exemption will not be automatically renewed.
For exemption as a medical center development or county fair association, you do not need to reapply annually once the chief appraiser grants
the exemption. You must reapply if the chief appraiser requires you to do so, or if you want the exemption to apply to property not listed in this
application. You must notify the chief appraiser in writing if and when your right to this exemption ends.
Name of Owner
Step 1:
Name and
Present Mailing Address
address of
City, Town or Post Office, State, ZIP Code
Phone (area code and number)
Name of Person Preparing this Application
Driver’s License, Personal I.D. Certificate, or
Social Security Number*
Type of Owner (check appropriate box)
Nonprofit corporation
Federation of Women’s Clubs
Medical Center Development
County Fair Association
Step 2:
Check type
Nature Conservancy of Texas
Community Service Club
Medical Center Develop-
of exemption
ment in Populous
Congress of Parents and Teachers
Scientific Research Organization
Private Enterprise Demonstration Association
Veterans’ Organization
Step 3:
What is the organization’s purpose?
Answer these
about the
Describe the organization’s activities. (Attach additional sheets if necessary.)
Explain how the organization’s activities relieve a burden or duty of the state or community. (Attach additional
sheets if necessary.)
Is the organization affiliated with a state or national organization?
Is membership in the organization open to anyone, regardless of race, religion or national origin?
Explain how the organization’s activities promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people, development
of patriotism and love of country and interest in community affairs. (Attach additional sheets if necessary.)
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