California Form 3537 (Llc) - Payment For Automatic Extension For Llcs - 2011

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Instructions for Form FTB 3537
Payment for Automatic Extension for LLCs
What’s New
members’ tax. The LLC fee must be estimated and paid by the 15th day of
the 6th month of the current taxable year. LLCs will use form FTB 3536 to
Limited liability companies (LLCs) can use MyFTB Account for Businesses
remit the estimated fee. For more information, get form FTB 3536.
to view estimated tax payments online. Go to and search for
How to Complete Form FTB 3537
myftb account. LLCs can also make payments online using Web Pay for
Businesses. The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) does not charge for this service.
Enter all the information requested on the form below using black or blue
Go to and search for web pay.
ink. To ensure the timely and proper application of the payment to the LLC’s
General Information
account, enter the SOS file number (assigned upon registration with the
SOS) and the federal employer identification number (FEIN).
California does not require the filing of written extensions. If an LLC in good
Private Mail Box (PMB)
standing cannot file Form 568, Limited Liability Company Return of Income,
Include the PMB in the address field. Write “PMB” first, then the box
by the due date, the LLC is granted an automatic six-month extension.
number. Example: 111 Main Street PMB 123.
If the tax return is filed by the 15th day of the 10th month following the close
of the taxable year (fiscal year) or by October 15, 2012 (calendar year), the
Side 1
automatic extension will apply.
Amount of payment – Enter the amount from Side 2. Get the Form 568 Tax
Booklet, (Specific Instructions - Schedule T) for the proper calculation of
Note – If an LLC electing to be treated as a corporation is in good standing
this tax.
and cannot file its CA tax return by the original due date, a seven-month
extension to file is granted without submitting a written request. To qualify
Side 2
for the automatic extension, the LLC must file its CA tax return by the
List the name, social security number (SSN)/individual taxpayer identification
extended due date and its powers, rights, and privileges must not be
number (ITIN), or FEIN for each nonconsenting nonresident member
suspended or forfeited by the FTB or the California Secretary of State (SOS)
that did not sign form FTB 3832, Limited Liability Company Nonresident
as of the original due date.
Members’ Consent.
However, an extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay the
Where to File
LLC fee or the nonconsenting nonresident members’ tax.
Using black or blue ink, make check or money order payable to the “Franchise
If the LLC does not owe tax, there is nothing to file at this time. Do not
Tax Board.” Write the SOS file number, FEIN, and “2011 FTB 3537” on the
complete or mail this form.
check or money order. Detach the form portion from the bottom of the page.
Do not use form FTB 3537, Payment for Automatic Extension for LLCs, if
Enclose, but do not staple, your payment with the form and mail to:
you are paying the LLC estimated fee. Instead use the 2012 form FTB 3536,
Estimated Fee for LLCs. Do not use this form if you are paying the $800
PO BOX 942857
annual LLC tax. Instead use the 2012 form FTB 3522, LLC Tax Voucher.
SACRAMENTO CA 94257-0651
Only use form FTB 3537, if both of the following apply:
Make all checks or money orders payable in U.S. dollars and drawn against a
• The LLC cannot file Form 568 by the due date
U.S. financial institution.
• Nonconsenting nonresident members’ tax is owed for 2011
If no payment is due or paid electronically, do not mail this form.
If the LLC owes tax, use black or blue ink to complete the form below. Mail
the form along with the check or money order payable to the “Franchise Tax
Penalties and Interest
Board” by the 15th day of the 4th month following the close of the taxable
year (fiscal year) or April 17, 2012 (calendar year), to avoid late payment
If the LLC fails to pay its total tax liability by the due date of the tax return,
penalties and interest. Due to the Emancipation Day holiday on April 16,
a late payment penalty and interest will be added to the tax due. To avoid
2012, tax returns filed and payments mailed or submitted on April 17, 2012,
late payment penalties and interest, the LLC’s tax liability must be paid by
will be considered timely.
the 15th day of the 4th month, following the close of the taxable year. The
late payment penalty may be waived, based on reasonable cause, where the
When the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline to file and pay
greater of the annual tax or 90% of the tax shown on the return is paid by the
without penalty is extended to the next business day.
original due date of the return.
LLCs electing to be taxed as corporations should use form FTB 3539,
Internet Access
Payment for Automatic Extension for Corps and Exempt Orgs.
Form FTB 3537 is no longer used to pay the LLC fee, however form
You can download, view, and print California tax forms and publications
FTB 3537 will continue to be used to pay the nonconsenting nonresident
at Access other state agencies’ websites at
if no PaYmEnT iS DUE or PaiD ElEcTronicallY, Do noT mail THiS form
fiscal year: file and Pay by the 15th day of the 4th month following the close of the taxable year.
Calendar year: file and Pay by April 17, 2012.
california form
TaXaBlE YEar
Payment for Automatic Extension for LLCs
3537 (LLC)
for calendar year 2011 or fiscal year beginning month_______ day_______ year _______, and ending month_______ day_______ year_______ .
limited liability company name
Secretary of State (SoS) file number
address (suite, room, Po Box, or PmB no.)
ZiP code
contact Telephone no.
Amount of payment
If amount of payment is
zero, do not mail form
Do not usE thIs form to PAy
thE AnnuAL LLC tAx or fEE.
FTB 3537 2011 Side 1
for Privacy notice, get form ftB 1131.


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