Easter Bunny Letter To Child Template


The Easter Bunny
Dear Friend,
Thank you so much for writing me that wonderful letter! I
don’t usually get a lot of mail. It feels like Santa is the guy
who all the kids write to. But your letter made up for it.
Wow, was it fun to hear about your year!
I am so proud of you for learning so much in school and
being such a good boy to your friends and parents. I heard
from your teachers that you’re working hard and learning a
lot. Great job!
I’m always happy to read your letters if you want to keep
writing to me. I’ve already got all my eggs packed up in my
basket and ready to go for Easter, so there’s not much left
for me to do. I like to curl up in my burrow with a nice letter
and a good carrot.
Thanks again. I’ll see you on Easter (but you won’t see


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