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Application for Registration or Renewal of Foreign LLP
You may request 24 hour priority filing of your document. Simply mark the “24 hour priority filing” box and
include an additional $20.00 with your filing fee. You may request 1 hour expedite filing of your document.
Simply mark the “1 hour expedite filing” box and include an additional $100.00 with your filing fee.
Please type or clearly print the requested information.
When listing the name to be registered, please type or print clearly, emphasizing the spaces in the name,
especially between initials.
The business name of a LLP must include terminology to indicate its limited liability status such as
"Limited Liability Partnership" or "LLP" or, if professional, "Professional Limited Liability Partnership"
or "PLLP".
If mailing address changes, be sure to notify the Secretary of State's office as this listing is used to notify the
applicant of needed renewals.
Upon completion, mail this form with an ORIGINAL SIGNATURE and the correct filing fee to the Secretary of
State, PO Box 202801, Helena, MT 59620-2801. Make checks payable to Secretary of State.
The Secretary of State will send an acknowledgement letter once your document has been filed with our office.
Registration of Limited Liability Partnerships are required to renew every five years. (30-13-206, MCA)
If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the Secretary of State, Business Services Bureau at
(406) 444-3665.
All information provided, including names and addresses of officers and directors, will be made
available on the Secretary of State’s web site or upon request
Please be advised that the Business Services Bureau of the Montana Secretary of State will
process your business documents within 10 working days of initial receipt. During this period if
it’s determined that your document doesn’t meet statutory requirements, a letter outlining the
deficiencies will be returned to the original submitter. If the document is complete and correct,
the document will be filed and an acknowledgment copy showing completion returned to the
original submitter.
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Revised 10/01/2003


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