Payroll Payment Authorization Form For Casual Staff

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Payroll Payment Authorization Form for Casual Staff
his form is used to initiate a ‘one-time only’ payment to casual staff who have not yet received a Social Insurance Number from HRSDC. This form can
be used to initiate an employment payment (Regular T4 Employment Payment) or non-employment payment (T4A).
The Payroll Department will only issue payment under exceptional circumstances. The employee must submit their original Social Insurance Number
card for review to the department as soon as it is issued by HRSDC. No further payments will be made by the Payroll Department after the initial request.
It will be the Department’s responsibility to follow-up with the individual to ensure that the Social Insurance Number card is submitted for verification.
This form must be received by the “Forms/Changes Deadline to Central Payroll” date as outlined in the Payroll Schedules at:
Personal Data and Home Address:
Mr / Dr / Prof
Ms / Mrs / Miss
First Name
Personnel #
Street Address/ (Unit#/Apt #)
City, Province
Postal Code
Telephone Number
HRIS Data:
1) New Hire:
or 2) Returning Employee:
Effective Date: _______________
First Day Worked: __________________
Organizational Assignment:
Position Number: ____________________
Student Number: __________________________
Work Contract:
K3 – Casual / HERE - PT
K5 – UofT Student
Employment Authorization Data
The Employment Authorization Number must be recorded. Employees may not commence work until an employment authorization has been issued.
Employment Authorization Number:
Expiry Date:
The payment can not be processed without attaching a copy of the “Acknowledgement of Application for SIN” with this payment form.
If the individual is not full-time student - A COPY OF VALID WORK PERMIT MUST BE ATTACHED
Payment Data (IT0015)
Date of Origin
Reason Code
Wage Type
Assignment Number
of Hours
(I T0015)
Cost Assignment Data:
Cost Center
Fund Center
I nternal Order
Approvals: Department Contact: ________________________
Signature of Business Officer/ Telephone Number
Signature of Dean,
Director or Chair
SUBMIT TO: Payroll Department, 215 Huron Street, 8
floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A2, Tel: (416) 978-2814, Fax: (416) 978-5702


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