Classroom Behavior Plan


Classroom Behavior Plan
During the first week of school, your students and I discuss our classroom rules and the behaviors needed for
success throughout the school year. Our five classroom rules will be the basis from which they earn positive and
negative consequences for their behavior. Classroom behavior will be monitored with a “color chart” in which
students move clothespins when making exceptionally good choices (move up) or when needing redirection from the
teacher (move down). Every student begins a new day on green! The values for each color and some possible
consequences are as follows:
Great Job!
Good Day!
Ready to Learn!
Think About It
Teacher’s Choice
Parent Contact
Move clip up,
10 minutes of
Walking by
Students begin
Move clip up,
Move clip up,
choose a treat!
recess or group
his/herself during
here daily.
Class cheer
verbal praise
activity, loss of a
recess and a note
special privilege.
is sent home
Note: A behavior sheet will be sent home weekly to inform you of your child’s classroom behavior. If student clip is moved down
I ask that parents please review this with your
to red and stays down, a note will be sent home.
child, sign below and return on the second day of school! 
Classroom Rules:
Be Ready to Learn
Be a Respectful
Be Responsible
Really Safe
Be a “Pillar” of Character Counts
Possible Positive Consequences:
Verbal or written praise
Move up the Clip Chart
Star Jar Stars - This is a class effort! Whenever the class receives a compliment, “stars” will be added to
our Star Jar. Once the jar is full, the class will receive a reward!
Choose a treat
Choose a reward coupon
Treasure Box
Possible Negative Consequences:
Verbal redirection or warning
Move down the Clip Chart
Loss of privileges (i.e. recess time, free time, etc.)
A note or phone call home
Conference with the teacher
A visit to the principal
Parent Signature: _________________________
Student Signature: ________________________________


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