Form Cg-30.1 - Information Regardiing Brands Sold In New Yourk State


New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Information Regarding Brands Sold in
New York State
Attachment to Form CG-30
Legal name of manufacturer
Federal employer identification number (EIN)
As required by New York State Tax Law section 480-b, every tobacco product manufacturer must list each of its cigarette brands sold for
consumption in New York State from January 1 of the prior calendar year until the date of this annual certification (see Form CG-30-I,
Instructions for Form CG-30).
Legal name of manufacturer
Following is a list of brands sold for consumption in New York State by
for the period January 1, 20
, through
, 20
Complete brand names*
Complete brand names*
Be sure the complete brand names of the cigarettes are listed, including the following (attach additional sheets if necessary):
• filtered or unfiltered
• size (such as regular, king, 100’s, etc.)
• descriptive information (such as menthol or slim)
• other information as necessary to identify the product


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