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BOE-501-EC (BACK) REV. 5 (7-07)
Credit Card Payments. You can use a Discover/Novus, MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit card to pay your
taxes. Other credit cards cannot be accepted. EFT accounts are not eligible for credit card payments. Credit card payments
can be made by calling 800-272-9829 or through our website at After authorizing your payment, check the
box on your return indicating you have paid with a credit card. Be sure to sign and mail your return.
The California State Board of Equalization (Board) administers the Energy Resources Surcharge Law. The surcharge is
imposed upon the consumption in California of electrical energy purchased from an electric utility on and after January 1, 1975.
Every electric utility in California making energy sales to consumers must collect and remit to the state the amount of
surcharge applicable to its consumers. When a California consumer purchases electrical energy from a utility which is not
subject to the Energy Resources Surcharge Law (such as an out-of-state utility or the Bureau of Reclamation) or a utility which
has not collected and paid the surcharge to the state, the consumer must report and pay the amount of the surcharge directly
to the Board.
Failure to file a return may result in additional cost to consumers who must report the surcharge directly to the state.
The surcharge rate for all billings for periods starting on or after September 1, 1981 is $0.0002 per kilowatt-hour. Enter all
amounts subject to the surcharge on line 1 of the return.
Enter the names and addresses of all electrical utilities and federal instrumentalities from which you purchased energy for
consumption in California without paying the surcharge.
Line 1.
Enter the number of kilowatt-hours of electrical energy purchased without surcharge and used in California.
Effective January 1, 1978, purchases of energy from the United States or an agency of the United States Government
that is used in California without paying the surcharge are subject to the surcharge.
Quarterly returns must be filed and amounts due paid on or before the last day of the month following each calendar quarter.
The Board may, however, require consumers to file returns for such other periods as the Board may prescribe.
If you wish additional information, please contact the State Board of Equalization, Excise Taxes Division,
450 N Street, P.O. Box 942879, Sacramento, CA 94279-0056, Telephone 800-400-7115.


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