Parallel And Perpendicular Lines Study Guide


Chapter 3
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Study Guide
3.1 Identify Pairs of Lines/Angles
3.2- Parallel Lines and Transversals
Parallel Lines
**Know which angles are congruent
Parallel Postulate
and supplementary
Perpendicular Postulate
Skew Lines
Corresponding Angles Postulate
Parallel Planes
Alternate Interior Angles Theorem
Diagram with a cube/box
Alternate Exterior Angles Theorem
Consecutive Interior- (Same Side
Angles formed by transversals
Interior) Angles Theorem
Corresponding Angles
Alternate Interior Angles
**Know more difficult problems
Alternate Exterior Angles
with multiple lines, systems of
Consecutive Interior- (Same Side
equations and factoring! (we had 2
Interior) Angles
worksheets on this!)
3.3 Proving Lines Parallel
3.6 Perpendicular Lines
**Converses used to show lines are
Theorem 3.8- Two lines intersect to form
a linear pair of congruent angles, then
the lines are perpendicular
Corresponding Angles Converse
Alternate Interior Angles Converse
Theorem 3.9- If 2 lines are
Alternate Exterior Angles Converse
perpendicular, then they intersect to
Consecutive Interior- (Same Side
form 4 right angles
Interior) Angles Converse
Transitive Property of Parallel Lines
Right Angle Pair Theorem (3.10)- Two
angles that make a right angle pair are
**Don’t Forget About:
Perpendicular Transversal Theorem- If a
Linear Pairs- Supplementary
transversal is perpendicular to one of
Vertical Angles- Congruent
two parallel lines, then it is
perpendicular to the other
Lines Perpendicular to a Transversal
Theorem- If two lines are perpendicular
to the same line, then they are
perpendicular to each other


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