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Secretary of State
Business Entities
1500 11
Street, 3
(916) 657-5448
Sacramento, CA 95814
Business Programs Division
To change the name of a qualified foreign corporation, the corporation must complete and file with the
California Secretary of State the attached Amended Statement by Foreign Corporation form in
compliance with California Corporations Code
There must be attached to the Amended Statement form a certificate of an authorized public official of
the state or place of incorporation certifying the change of name was made in accordance with the laws
of that state or place, unless the corporation is merely deleting or changing a “doing business as” name
without changing the legal corporate name. Both the old and new corporate names must be set forth
on the face of the certificate.
A certified copy of the name change amendment does not meet
California statutory requirements.
NOTE: When changing the name of a corporation subject to the Insurance Code as an insurer, the
Amended Statement by Foreign Corporation must include a statement that the corporation is
subject to the Insurance Code as an insurer if that statement does not appear on
documents previously filed with the Secretary of State. In addition, a Certificate of Name
Approval issued by the
California Department of Insurance
must be attached to the amended
statement form at the time of filing.
There is no statutory authority in California to amend the state of domicile. This change can only be
accomplished in California by filing an Agreement of Merger, or by surrendering the existing corporation
qualified under its original place of domicile and qualifying the corporation under its new place of
domicile. The surrender and qualification may be filed simultaneously to allow continued use of the
corporate name in California.
To change a corporate address or the name and/or address of the agent for service of process, the
corporation must file a Statement of Information - Foreign Corporation as required by Corporations
The form can be downloaded from the Secretary of State's Web site at
or can be obtained by calling the Statement of Information Unit at
(916) 657-5448.
The fee for filing an Amended Statement by Foreign Corporation is $30.00. Check(s) should be made
payable to the Secretary of State.
The original and at least two copies should be included with your submittal. The Secretary of State will
certify two copies of the filed document without charge, provided that the copies are submitted to
the Secretary of State with the document to be filed. Any additional copies submitted will be
certified upon request and payment of the $8.00 per copy certification fee.
Amended statements are not filed in the regional offices. Documents must be mailed or hand delivered
for over-the-counter processing to the Sacramento office at:
Business Programs Division
(916) 657-5448
1500 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Attention: Document Filing Support Unit
(Please see reverse)
Secretary of State Information/Instructions
ASDC (REV 03/2005)


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