7 Th Grade Ib Summer Reading Tic-Tac-Toe


Grade IB Summer Reading TIC-TAC-TOE
Each 7
grade International Baccalaureate student will read a minimum of three books and for each book read
complete one activity on the tic-tac-toe chart below. A parent or supervising adult will sign each square as it is
completed. Students who complete three activities will be eligible to receive special prizes/privileges during the first
week of school. Make sure you complete three vertical, horizontal, or diagonal activities. Students who complete the
whole board will be recognized in a special way. Turn in your completed tic-tac-toe chart to your Language Arts teacher
on the first day of school. You will present one of your activities in class during the first week of school.
Create a collage of images that
Write a song or rap parody that
Create an alternate timeline…change
represents the main character’s
“borrows” the tune from a well-
a major event/decision in the novel
feelings, thoughts, ideas and
known song. Write at least three
and explain how this change would
relationships to others. (At least 15
verses and a chorus from the point of
have affected the characters and the
view of the main character. Be sure
plot. Would this have been a better
to reflect the feelings, thoughts,
direction for the novel to take?
experiences and relationships of the
Why/Why not? (One page)
main character.
As an investigative reporter, you sneak
Make an information cube about your
Identify the theme of your novel.
into the home of the main character in
book with the following on the 6
Plan, write and create a children’s
your novel. Report at least 10 items
different sides of the cube:
book based on your novel. Read it to
that you find and include a picture
title/author, characters, setting(s),
a younger sibling or neighbor of
(hand-drawn or digital) for each item.
favorite part, theme (what lesson or
elementary age (9 or younger).
Also, include a written explanation
truth is revealed in this novel), and an
identifying how each item connects to
illustration of the novel’s
the main character. These items may
or may not have been mentioned in
the novel…feel free to use your
Create a mobile that demonstrates
Create an online profile for the main
Identify the climax of your novel.
your understanding of the plot, setting,
character of your novel. Include
With friends/family, rewrite the
conflict, resolution, theme and
details about his/her likes/dislikes.
climax into a stage production and
characters in the book. Each piece
Include messages from his/her
then present it for an audience (5-7
should have a description or label
friends that demonstrate your
minutes). Audience members can be
explaining its importance.
understanding of the characters.
neighbors, family or friends. (Turn in
the script.)
I have read and understand the Honor Code. I pledge that I did all of the above activities to the best of my ability. My
work represents my original and unique ideas. I did not copy, cheat, or plagiarize.
Student name (print)
Student name (signature)
Parent/Guardian Name (signature)


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