North Dakota Oil Producers Report And Oil Purchasers Report Instructions Sheet


North Dakota
Oil Producer’s Report and
Oil Purchaser’s Report Instructions
State of North Dakota
Office of State Tax Commissioner
State Capitol
600 E. Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505-0599
To all Oil Filers:
This booklet contains:
General Reporting Instructions for Form T-10 Oil Producer’s Report and T-12 Oil Purchaser’s Report.
Specific Instructions for Form T-10 Report and Form T-12 Report Coversheets.
Specific Instructions for Form T-10 and Form T-12 County Summary.
Specific Instructions for Form T-10 Worksheets.
Specific Instructions for Form T-12 Worksheets.
Special Instructions and Exhibits
Please read the instructions carefully to avoid errors in completing the reports. If you have questions that the
instructions do not answer, please write to the Office of State Tax Commissioner, at the above address or call
1-701-328-2705. In-state calls may be directed to the toll-free number 1-800-638-2901 (1-800-NDTAX01),
extension 8-2705. For the speech and hearing impaired, the local TDD number is 701-328-2778. The
in-state toll-free TDD number is 1-800-453-8950.
Rick Clayburgh
“Buy North Dakota Products”


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