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District of Columbia Government
Corporations Division
PO Box 92300
Washington DC 20090
Application for Certificate of Authority for Foreign Non-Profit Corporation
Use this form to register your foreign nonprofit corporation.
Foreign Non-Profit Corporation
$70, payable to D.C. Treasury
Under the provisions of the Non-Profit Corporation Act, DC Official Code (DCOC) Title 29 Chapter 3, the corporation listed below
hereby applies for a Certificate of Authority to transact business in the District of Columbia, and for that purpose submits the
statement below.
1. 1. Entity Name
. 2. Incorporated under the laws of which state or country
4. 3. Date of Incorporation
. 4. Term of Existence
5. Date commenced or will commence transacting business in
the District of Columbia: (If you started business before you
registered, you must file a 2
-year report and pay applicable fees.)
6. Address of the corporation in the state where it is incorporated. (If
7. Name of Registered Agent and address of registered office in
the principal address is outside the state of incorporation, give the RA
District Columbia: (Attach form RA-1 for RA's consent to this
in the state of incorporation.)
8. Briefly describe the specific proposed activity the corporation will transact in the District of Columbia. "General purpose" is not an acceptable
description. Attach sheet if needed.
9. List all corporation directors and officers (attach list if needed)
10. Attach your Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation and any Amendments, from the State/Country of Incorporation. The attachments must
have state certification dates within the last 6 months; and if originally not English, be translated into English by a government-agency-certified
translator. Good standing certificates or certificates of status or existence are not sufficient.
If you sign this application, you agree that you un
derstand that anyone who makes a false statement anywhere on it can be punished
by criminal penalties of a fine up to $1000, imprisonment up to 180 days, or both, under DCOC § 22-2405.
11. Select the corporate officer executing this form
12. Signature:
13. Select corporate officer executing this form
14. Signature:
Assistant Secretary
For overnight delivery send to:
Mail all forms and required payment to:
Corporate Bank of America
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Attention: DC Government
Corporations Division
Wholesale Lockbox #92300
PO Box 92300
Mail Code MD4-301-18-04
Washington, DC 20090
225 North Calvert Street - 18
Phone: (202) 442-4432
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
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