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How To Use This Bible Reading Chart
This is a double chart, one imposed on the other.
First, the grid counts off all of the 1189 chapters of the Bible, though Psalm
119 is subdivided into 5 squares. As you read the books of the Bible in any
order you find helpful, simply mark off the box for each chapter. These are
arranged in rows of 50 to simplify your counting and to encourage you to
finish a bit early.
Each Saturday you will add up all the chapters you have read. When you
complete any full row of chapters, simply fill in the small box at the far left
end of that row. This serves as a convenient marker of 50. You only need to
add up the marked boxes in any incomplete rows and then add in the
multiples of 50 for your running total.
The second chart is a graph with the number of chapters read recorded on
the vertical axis. The horizontal axis counts the Saturdays for the year. You
will find it helpful to get a calendar and write the dates fo each Saturday
under the number (e.g. Jan. 5,12,19,26). When you have added up your
running total of chapters read (paragraph #2), simply find the vertical line for
that Saturday and go up that line. Mark a dot on the line at the number of
chapters read so far.
Each week, you can connect that dot to the previous week’s dot. The
growing line of your reading progress should be kept above the target line
printed on the graph. You will always know just how many chapters or weeks
you are ahead of (or behind) schedule.
You can modify this chart for a more accelerated reading program. Simply
draw a new target line from the lower left corner to the top of the line for your
target week (30
week, 40
week). Or, if you finish the Bible in July and want
to reread the New Testament by Thanksgiving, just draw a new target line
from the bottom of the last July Saturday to 260 up the last Saturday line in
Do you wish to read through the Bible in two years instead of one? Simply
mark the Saturday lines with the dates of every other Saturday. This simple
system puts you in charge of your Bible-reading program while motivating
you reach your goal. Read, meditate, obey.
Please feel free to make copies of this chart for your own use or for
distribution. I first devised it in 1972 and have found it stimulating and
Last printed 1/2/2007 4:20:00 PM by Kevin Subra
This reading schedule is based upon a design by W.H.Smallman, Baptist Mid-Missions, Cleveland, OH


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