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Increases and decreases in tax liability. Because any
$2,500. However, see section 7 of Pub. 51 (Circular A)
amount shown on line 8 increases or decreases your tax
regarding payments made under the accuracy of deposits rule.
liability, the adjustment must also be included on your Monthly
You may pay the amount shown on line 15 using EFTPS, a
Summary of Federal Tax Liability on Form 943 (line 17) or Form
credit or debit card, or a check or money order. Do not use a
943-A, Agricultural Employer’s Record of Federal Tax Liability.
credit or debit card to pay taxes that were required to be
For details on how to report adjustments on the Monthly
deposited. For more information on paying your taxes with a
Summary of Federal Tax Liability, see the instructions for line
credit or debit card, see Credit or debit card payments on
17. For details on how to report adjustments on Form 943-A (for
page 1.
use by semiweekly depositors only), see Form 943-A
If you pay by EFTPS or credit or debit card, file your return
using the Without a payment address under Where to file on
Line 9 — Total taxes after adjustments. Combine lines 7d
page 2 and do not file Form 943-V, Payment Voucher.
and 8; enter the result on line 9.
If you pay by check or money order, make it payable to the
Line 10 — Advance earned income credit (EIC) payments
United States Treasury. Enter your EIN, Form 943, and the tax
made to employees. Employees who are eligible can receive
period on your check or money order. Complete Form 943-V
advance earned income credit (EIC) payments with their wages
and enclose with Form 943.
by giving you Form W-5, Earned Income Credit Advance
Payment Certificate, annually. For more information, see
If you did not make deposits as required and instead
sections 6 and 14 of Pub. 51 (Circular A).
pay the taxes with Form 943, you may be subject to a
Line 12 — Total deposits. Enter the total amount deposited
for the year, including any overpayment from 2009 applied to
Line 16 — Overpayment. If you deposited more than the
2010, as shown in your records.
correct amount for the year, you can have the overpayment
refunded or applied to your next return by checking the
Line 13a — COBRA premium assistance payments. Report
appropriate box on line 16.
on this line 65% of the COBRA premiums for assistance eligible
individuals. Take the COBRA premium assistance credit on this
If line 16 is under $1, we will send you a refund or apply
line only after the assistance eligible individual’s 35% share of
it to your next return only on written request.
the premium has been paid. For COBRA coverage provided
under a self-insured plan, COBRA premium assistance is
Line 17 — Monthly Summary of Federal Tax Liability.
treated as having been made for each assistance eligible
This is a summary of your yearly tax liability, not a summary of
individual who pays 35% of the COBRA premium. Do not
deposits made. If line 11 is less than $2,500, do not complete
include the assistance eligible individual’s 35% of the premium
line 17 or Form 943-A.
in the amount entered on this line. For more information on the
COBRA premium subsidy, visit the IRS website at and
Complete line 17 only if you were a monthly schedule
enter the keyword COBRA.
depositor for the entire year and line 11 is $2,500 or more. The
amount entered on line 17M must equal the amount reported on
The amount reported on line 13a is treated as a deposit
line 11. See section 7 of Pub. 51 (Circular A) for details on the
of taxes on the first day of your return period and must
deposit rules. You are a monthly schedule depositor for the
not be used to adjust line 17 or Form 943-A.
calendar year if the amount of your Form 943 taxes (line 9)
Line 13b — Number of individuals provided COBRA
reported for the lookback period is not more than $50,000. The
premium assistance on line 13a. Enter the total number of
lookback period is the second calendar year preceding the
individuals provided COBRA premium assistance payments
current calendar year. For example, the lookback period for
reported on line 13a. Count each assistance eligible individual
2011 is 2009.
who paid a reduced COBRA premium during the year as one
If you were a semiweekly schedule depositor during any
individual, whether or not the reduced premium was for
part of the year, do not complete line 17. Instead,
insurance that covered more than one assistance eligible
complete Form 943-A.
individual. For example, if the reduced COBRA premium was
for coverage for a former employee, spouse, and two children,
Adjusting tax liability for employer’s social security tax
you would include one individual in the number entered on line
exemption reported on line 7c. Monthly schedule depositors
13b for the premium assistance. Further, each individual is
and semiweekly schedule depositors must account for the
reported on once per year. For example, an assistance eligible
employer’s social security tax exemption (line 7c) when
individual who made monthly premium payments would only be
reporting their tax liabilities on line 17 or Form 943-A. The total
reported as one individual.
liability reported for the year must equal the amount reported on
line 11. Failure to account for the social security tax exemption
Line 13c — Number of qualified employees paid exempt
on line 17 or Form 943-A may cause line 11 to be less than the
wages March 19 – 31. Enter on line 13c the number of
total tax liability reported on line 17 or Form 943-A. Do not
qualified employees paid exempt wages from March 19, 2010,
reduce the tax liability on line 17 or Form 943-A below zero.
through March 31, 2010. Include only qualified employees for
which you are claiming the social security tax exemption. For
Reporting adjustments on line 17. If your net adjustment
the definition of qualified employee, see the instructions for line
during a month is negative and it exceeds your total liability for
7a on page 3.
the month, do not enter a negative amount for the month.
Instead, enter “-0-” for the month and carry over the unused
Line 13d — Exempt wages paid to qualified employees
portion of the adjustment to the next month.
March 19 – 31. Enter the amount of exempt wages paid March
19, 2010, through March 31, 2010, to all qualified employees
Additional information. Pub. 51 (Circular A) has information
reported on line 13c. For the definition of exempt wages, see
that you may need about social security, Medicare, federal
the instructions for line 7a on page 3.
unemployment (FUTA), withheld federal income taxes, and the
advance earned income credit. It includes tables showing the
Line 13e — Social security tax exemption for March 19 – 31.
federal income tax to withhold from an employee’s wages.
Multiply the amount of exempt wages reported on line 13d by
6.2% (.062) and enter the result on line 13e.
Third-Party Designee. If you want to allow an employee, a
paid tax preparer, or another person to discuss your Form 943
The amount reported on line 13e is treated as a deposit
with the IRS, check the “Yes” box in the “Third-Party Designee”
of taxes on April 1, 2010, and must not be used to adjust
section. Then tell us the name, phone number, and the five-digit
line 17 or Form 943-A.
personal identification number (PIN) of the specific person to
Line 15 — Balance due. You do not have to pay if line 15 is
speak with — not the name of the firm who prepared your tax
under $1. Generally, you should show a balance due on line 15
return. The designee may choose any five numbers as his or
only if your net tax liability for the year (line 11) is less than
her PIN.
Instructions for Form 943 (2010)


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