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Weight Loss
Pet_________________ Weight_________ Ideal Weight________ Calories per Day___________
We have determined that your pet is overweight. This is a very common problem in cats and dogs
(almost 25% of all cats and dogs are overweight). Now that we have identified this as a problem, it is
important for you to take steps to decrease your pet’s weight. This handout will provide you with
information about obesity and suggestions to help correct your pet’s weight problem.
Why is Obesity a Problem?
Obese pets are at greater risk for a number of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, hepatic lipidosis
(a liver disease of cats), and certain forms of cancer. In addition, the extra weight puts stress on the
bones and joints leading to a variety of problems. Obese dogs often have difficulty breathing, especially
during periods of exercise. These conditions can cause irreversible damage once they develop. However,
many of these problems and health risks can be reduced if your pet loses just a few pounds. Don’t wait
for these problems to develop. Start working to decrease your pet’s weight today.
Choosing the Proper Diet.
The type of food that you feed your pet is not nearly as important as the amount and the number of
calories you that are feeding him or her. If your pet has a lot of weight to lose, we usually suggest using
®Hill’s Prescription diet R/D. This allows you to feed your pet a caloric controlled diet. If your pet still
seems famished eating the recommended calories you may offer between meal snacks such as no
sodium canned or fresh cooked green beans, or carrots (see amount below). If your pet has a moderate
amount of weight to lose, you may choose a “light” diet. Almost every brand of pet food offers a
reduced calorie formula. If the bag does not list the number of calories per cup, call the 800 information
number provided on the bag. The company representative should be able to provide you with this
information. You can also visit the Hill’s Prescription Diet website at
for additional
information. If your pet only needs to lose a few pounds, you may chose to keep him/her on the same
food you have been feeding but reduce the amount and decrease the number of treats given daily. Table
scraps are always a no no and can cause upset stomach, obesity and a variety of other health and dental


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