Sleeping And Napping Agreement Template - Family Day Care And Group Family Day Care


Family Day Care and Group Family Day Care
Sleeping and napping arrangements must be made in writing between the parent and the child care provider. The
provider shall maintain this completed agreement on file in the child care home. This arrangement is required by New
York State Child Day Care Regulations [Family Day Care 417.7 (i) and 417.8 (a) (1), and Group Family Day Care 416.7 (i)
and 416.8 (a) (1)].
I, (parent name) __________________________________________ , understand that my child(ren),
_________________________, while under the care of (child care provider)
________________________________________, will be napping on a (bed/cot/mat/chair)
_______________________________ in the (baby room/main room)_____________________________ of the child
care home.
My napping child will have competent supervision at all times, either through:
(Please check one box below)
Direct supervision by a caregiver who is in the same room and has direct visual contact with him/her;
Indirect supervision by a caregiver who uses a functioning electronic monitor and remains on the same floor as
my child at all times. The doors to all rooms where children are napping must remain open, as well as the doors
to all rooms used by the provider.
If my child is an infant, I also understand that my child will be placed on his/her back to sleep.
Parent’s Signature:
Name (please print):
____________________________ Signature: ___________________________________
Date: __________________________________________ (Month/Day/Year)
Child Care Provider’s Signature:
Name (please print):
____________________________ Signature: ___________________________________
Date: __________________________________________ (Month/Day/Year)
Bureau of Child Care (Rev 10/2009)


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