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FIRST: That the President or any Vice President of this Corporation,
or ______________________________________________, or _____________________________________________, be, and they hereby
are, and each of them hereby is, authorized and empowered, for and on behalf of this Corporation, to establish and maintain one or more accounts with
StockCross Financial Services, Inc. (herein called the “Brokers”) for the purpose of purchasing, investing in, or otherwise acquiring, selling, possessing,
transferring, exchanging, pledging, or otherwise disposing of, or turning to account of, or realizing upon, and generally dealing in and with any and all forms
of securities including, but not by way of limitation, shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, scrip, participation certificates, rights to subscribe, options,
warrants, evidence of indebtedness, commercial paper, certificates of indebtedness and certificates of interest of any and every kind and nature whatsoever,
secured or unsecured, whether represented by trust, participating and/or other certificates or otherwise.
The fullest authority at all times with respect to any such commitment or with respect to any transaction deemed by any of the said officers and/or
agents to be proper in connection therewith is hereby conferred, including authority (without limiting the generality of the foregoing) to give written or oral
instructions to the Brokers with respect to said transactions; to bind and obligate the Corporation to and for the carrying out of any contract, arrangement,
or transaction, which shall be entered into by any such officer and/or agent for and on behalf of the Corporation with or through the Brokers, to pay in cash
or by checks and/or drafts drawn upon the funds of the Corporation such sums as may be necessary in connection with any of the said accounts; to deliver
securities to the Brokers; to order the transfer or delivery thereof to any other person whatsoever, and/or to order the transfer of record of any securities, or
contracts, or titles, to any name selected by any of the said officers or agents, to affix the corporate seal to any documents or agreements, or otherwise; to
endorse any securities and/or contracts in order to pass title thereto; to direct the sale or exercise of any rights with respect to any securities; to sign for
the Corporation all releases, powers of attorney and/or other documents in connection with any such account, and to agree to any terms or conditions to
control any such account; to direct the Brokers to surrender any securities to the proper agent or party for the purpose of effecting any exchange or
conversion, or for the purpose of deposit with any protective or similar committee, or otherwise; to accept delivery of any securities and or contracts; to
appoint any other person or persons to do any and all things which any of the said officers and/or agents is hereby empowered to do, and generally to do
and take all action necessary in connection with the account, or considered desirable by such officer and/or agent with respect thereto.
SECOND: That the Brokers may deal with any and all of the persons directly or indirectly by the foregoing resolution empowered, as though they were
dealing with the Corporation directly.
THIRD: That the Secretary of the Corporation be and is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to certify, under the seal of the Corporation, or
otherwise, to the Brokers:
A) a true copy of these resolutions
B) specimen signatures of each and every person by these resolutions empowered
C) That the Corporation is duly organized and existing, that its charter empowers it to transact the business by these resolutions defined, and that
nolimitation has been imposed upon such powers by the By-Laws or otherwise.
FOURTH: That the Brokers may rely upon any certification given in accordance with these resolutions, as continuing fully effective unless and until the
Brokers shall receive due written notice of a change in or the rescission of the authority so evidenced and the dispatch or receipt of any other form of notice
shall not constitute a waiver of this provision, nor shall the fact that any person hereby empowered ceases to be an officer of the Corporation, or becomes
an officer under some other title, in any way affect the powers hereby conferred. The failure to supply any specimen signature shall not invalidate any
transaction if the transaction is in accordance with the authority actually granted.
FIFTH: That in the event of any change in the office or powers of persons hereby empowered, the Secretary shall certify such changes to the Brokers in
writing in the manner hereinabove provided, which notification, when received, shall be adequate both to terminate the powers of the persons theretofore
authorized, and to empower the persons thereby substituted.
SIXTH: That the foregoing resolutions and the certificates actually furnished to the Brokers by the Secretary of the Corporation pursuant thereto, be and they
hereby are made irrevocable until written notice of the revocation thereof shall have been received by the Brokers.
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