Form For Transfer Of Shares


Folio No. ________
Certificate/s Number __________
Application No. ______________
Form for Transfer of Shares
Schedule of the Companies Ordinance, 1984)
The ______________________________________
I/We ______________________________________________________________________________________________
of __________________ in consideration of the sum of rupees_______________________________________________
paid to me/ us by ______________________________________________________________________________ of
______________________(hereinafter called “the transferee(s)”), do hereby transfer to the said transferee(s) the
share (or shares) numbered
inclusive, in the
, to hold unto the said transferee(s), his/her/their executors,
administrators and assigns, subject to the several conditions on which I/we held the same at the time of the execution hereof,
and I/we, the said transferee(s), do hereby agree to take the said share (or shares) subject to the conditions aforesaid.
As witness our hands this _______________________________________day of ____________________
Signed by the above named transferor(s) in the presence of:
Signature _____________________ Dated ____________
Signature _____________________________________
Name __________________________________________
CNIC Number (in case of Foreigner, Passport Number)
CNIC Number________________________________
Full Address____________________________________
Signed by the above named Transferee(s) in the presence of:
Signature _____________________ Dated ____________
Signature _____________________________________
Name _________________________________________
CNIC Number (in case of Foreigner, Passport Number)
CNIC Number_______________________________
Full Address____________________________________
Full Name______________________________________
Father’s / Husband’s Name ________________________
Nationality _____________________________________
Occupation _____________________________________
Received transfer fee Rupees ___________________on
Full Address ____________________________________
_______________________________ 20 ____________
Entered in Register of Transfer No. _________________
Approved __________________________________
Transferee(s) Specimen Signature
on ________________________________________
DIVIDEND MANDATE [Optional] In case the transferee intends that the cash dividend declared by the company, if any, is directly credited in
his/her/its bank account, instead of issue of dividend warrants, then please fill in the following boxes:
Transferee Detail
Title of Bank Account
Bank Account Number
Bank’s Name
Branch Name and Address
Cell number of Transferee
Landline number of Transferee, if any
It is stated that the above-mentioned information is correct and that I will intimate the changes in the above-mentioned information to the company and
the concerned Share Registrar as soon as these occur.
Signature of the Transferee(s)


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