Form 43.1 - Report Of Trustee On Annulment Of Proposal (Subsection 63(6) Of The Act)


FORM 43.1
Report of Trustee on Annulment of Proposal
(Subsection 63(6) of the Act)
(Title Form 1)
I, ________________________, of ________________________, the trustee acting in the proposal of
________________________, hereby report to the official receiver as follows:
1. That ____________________________________ did, on the ______ day of ______________ _____, file a
proposal with me, and that the ______________________________________ Court of
__________________________ (province) in Bankruptcy, by order dated the ______ day of ____________ ____,
has annulled the proposal.
2. The proposal was annulled by the court on the application of ________________________, the trustee of the
proposal (or a creditor of the debtor).
3. The proposal was annulled on the grounds that
(Check appropriate grounds.)
9 the debtor has defaulted in the performance of a provision in the proposal.
9 the proposal could not continue without injustice or undue delay.
9 the approval of the court was obtained by fraud.
9 the debtor was convicted of an offence under the Act. (Specify: ___________________________)
4. As a consequence of the annulment of the proposal, the debtor is deemed on the annulment to have made
an assignment pursuant to subsection 63(4) of the Act.
5. The court further ordered that the property be vested in __________________________, the trustee.
(In the case of a proposal by a bankrupt, the previous paragraph is to be replaced by the following:)
5. The court further ordered that the property vested in the bankrupt by the order approving the proposal, be
revested in ________________________________, the trustee.
Dated at __________________, this ______ day of __________ ______.
If a copy of this Form is sent electronically by means such as email, the name and contact
information of the sender, prescribed in Form 1.1, must be added at the end of the document.


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