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Alexander County Schools
700 Liledoun Road
Taylorsville, North Carolina 28681
Exceptional Children Department
School Plan for Management of Student Behavior
Board of Education Policy 4303
School: ______________________________________________ Date: _______________
Teacher: _____________________________________________ Grade: ______________
Student: ______________________________________________
General Statute 115C-307 states “it shall be the duty of all individuals given authority
over some part of the school program to maintain good order and discipline.” In addressing
inappropriate behaviors of students with disabilities, each school has defined consequences
for inappropriate behaviors. In compliance with Board Policy 4303, one of the consequences
is corporal punishment. However, corporal punishment is used as a last resort for cumulative
misbehavior where other strategies have not been effective or when the offense is of a serious
nature in accordance with the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
Board of Education Policy 4303 states the use of corporal punishment for students
with disabilities as a consequence for inappropriate behavior shall be a collaborative
decision between the school and the parents, or guardians of each student. Parents and/or
legal guardians shall be asked to respond in writing indicating their approval or disapproval
of corporal punishment in a disciplinary issue involving their child. Therefore, we are
requesting your response to the statements listed below.
_____ I support the use of corporal punishment.
_____ I do not support the use of corporal punishment.
The policy states that an alternative(s) to the use of corporal punishment shall be identified if
a parent/guardian opposes the use of corporal punishment.
The alternative(s) to the use of corporal punishment shall be:
Suspension - in-school/out-of-school
Before/after school detention
Saturday detention
In-school discipline in compliance with Board of Education Policy
Copies of Board Policy 4303 and General Statute 115C-307 are available in the school
office, upon request.
Please complete this form and return to the school.
Questions may be directed to the school principal or the associate superintendent.
Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _________
TELEPHONE 828-632-7001
Children First
FAX 828-632-8862


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