Exercise And Heart Rate Tracking Sheet


Physical Fitness along the Natchez Trace Parkway
On-Site Lesson:
Your Target Heart Rate Zone (code PEHS)
Summary: Students will be put through a jog on a nature trail of
the parkway and learn the importance of stretching and exercising
– 12
Subject Areas:
in their target heart rate zone.
Physical Education
Materials Needed: Notebook, Pen or Pencil,
Stopwatch or Wristwatch (optional), Students
Scenic Trail
should be wearing gym clothes and appropriate
60 Minutes
Instructional Information
AL Objectives: 1. Demonstrate movement patterns from a variety of
physical activities that enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular
Intermediate Math
strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. 2.
Cross Country
Demonstrate competence in at least three complex versions of
movement forms, including aquatics, sports, outdoor pursuits, self-
defense, dance, and gymnastics. 4. Utilize safe practices when
AL Objectives:
participating in physical activities. 10. Apply principles of specificity,
1, 2, 4, 10, 16
overload, frequency, intensity, time, and progression to physical
activities. 16. Demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior
during physical activities.
Heart Rate
Maximum Heart
Learning Objectives:
The students will be able to: Determine their
Target Heart Rate
pulse, maximum heart rate (MHR), and target heart rate (THR) zone, and
gain an understanding of what it is like to exercise at their own THR and
the importance of doing so.
Teacher Set:
The students will determine their pulse and record their data. Then, the students will
determine their MHR. After determining their MHR, each student will determine their THR zone
by using their MHR and record their data. The students will then be put through a mild stretching
exercise. Finally, the students will then participate in a jog along the trail to the end of the trail or to
a designated stopping point along the trail. The teacher will follow along behind the students by
walking, unless the teacher would like to jog as well, to make sure everyone participates. The
teacher should also encourage those who have fallen behind in the jog to keep continuing. Upon
finishing the jog, the students will now check their pulse and determine if their heart rate is in their
THR zone.
: The teacher should walk the trail or course before admitting students on
the trail or course to determine if they feel it is a safe and desired site for the activity and remind the
student of trail safety regulationsFor more information call the Natchez Trace Parkway at 1-800-
305-7417 or log online to
Teacher Overview:
See Teacher Information Sheet.
Student Instruction:
The teacher will tell the students that they will each determine their own
pulse, or heart rate, their predicted maximum heart rate, and their target heart rate zone. The
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