Target Heart Rate Sheet - 6th Grade


Fitness Focus:
Target Heart Rate
Did you know that your heart rate can tell you how hard and how much to exercise?
Yep, it is true! The harder you exercise, the faster your heart beats. Each time
you do an aerobic activity you should check your heart rate to see where it lies
within your target heart rate zone (THRz). There is a very simple way to find out
how hard you should be working. All you have to do is follow the directions on the
backside of this worksheet to determine your target heart rate zone. When you
exercise you should be in this training zone in order to increase your cardiovascular
fitness. If you are not within this zone, you need to increase your pace and
The target heart rate zone takes into consideration your current fitness level. A
person may be inactive (60%) or very active (85%). The 60 – 85 percent range of
your maximum heart rate is called the target heart rate zone and is the desired
level of intensity that most people train at . However, your goal should be to train
at the lower percentage (60%) if you have not been active for some time and
gradually increase to the higher percent throughout the year. On the other hand,
if you are an active, fit person, then you want to train near the 85 – 90% range in
order to increase your cardiovascular endurance. Hopefully, you will consistently
be training within the two target heart rate zones, while gradually increasing to
the higher target heart rate percentage each week.
Directions : Fill out the chart below with your resting heart rate for 4 different
times. Your resting heart rate is the number of beats per minute when you are
quiet and resting (best time to take this is before you get out of bed in the
morning). Use the radial artery on your wrist or the carotid artery on your neck to
find your pulse. Take your resting heart rate for a complete minute ! Start with
zero…one…two…three…etc. Take it twice to ensure an accurate count. Resting
heart rates in class may vary from 40 – 110 beats per minute.
My resting heart rate for 1 minute:
1. _______ date: _______
2. ________ date: _______ Average : ______
3. _______ date: _______
Lastly, complete the backside of this sheet to find your target heart rate zone.
Standard 6.4.5 Explain methods of monitoring heart rate intensity.


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