Baseball & Softball Scorekeeping Cheat Sheet


Baseball & Softball Scorekeeping Cheat Sheet
Begin each at-bat by tapping the Pitch button.
Drag fielders to where the ball is hit.
Manually advance runners by dragging them to the
Tap fielders or the batter’s name to swap positions,
next base. Move them to Safe or Out for a play on
sit a player, or substitute players.
the base path.
Do not rename players to make substitutions.
Advanced Tips
Change Settings in the Menu.
Made a mistake? Don’t worry.
Manage your lineup.
• Add a rover / 4th outfielder
• Use the Undo button to correct
• Drag and drop players to edit your
a mistake on the last play
batting order
• Set the number of innings
• Change scoring decisions from the
• Assign a designated hitter (DH)
• Turn on the game clock
Plays menu
by tapping on the player
• Track playing time and pitch types
• Correct missed substitutions by
• Bat your entire lineup using
editing the play participants
the extra hitter (EH) position
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