Instructions For Transporter Report Form


Transporter Report
General Instructions
List the name and number identified on your fuel tax license. Also indicate the reporting period for the schedule below.
Scheduling Instructions
All transporters are required to schedule all imports and exports.
The address is: Department of Revenue & Regulation
Motor Fuel Tax Section
445 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3100
FAX: (605) 7734117
The schedule types are:
1b. All deliveries of fuel from in-state location to outside South Dakota (exports)
2b. All deliveries of fuel from out-of-state locations to inside South Dakota (imports)
List each product disbursement on a separate line.
Column Instructions
Column (1) and (2)
Enter the name and FEIN of the company that hired the transporter.
Column (3) and (4)
Enter the name and FEIN of the company that sold or provided the fuel for transport.
Column (5)
Identify the mode of transport using the following codes:
J = Truck
R = Rail
B = Barge
PL = Pipeline
Column (6)
Enter the city and/or state shown on the delivery document where the product was loaded for delivery. If the product was loaded
at a terminal enter the terminal code.
Column (7), (8) and (9) –
List the name, address and FEIN of the final delivery point.
Column (10)
Enter the date the product was delivered.
Column (11)
Enter the identifying number from the document issued at the terminal when the product was removed from the rack.
Column (12)
List the gross amount of gallons delivered.


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