Form 28 - Application For "No Objection Certificate" And Grant Of Certificate


[See rules 54, 58 (1), (3) and (4) - 7]
Form of application for “No Objection Certificate” and grant of certificate
(To be mad in triplicate, the duplicate copy and the triplicate copy with the endorsement of the
registering authority to be returned to the owner of the vehicle and the registering
Authority in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is to be removed, respectively).
The Registering Authority __________________________________________________
I/We intend to transfer the vehicle to the jurisdiction of the Registering Authority.
I/We intend to sell the vehicle to Shri/Smt./ Kumari ______________________________
Who resides in the jurisdiction of the Registering Authority ______________________
Of the State of ___________________________ I/We therefore request for the issue
of a No Objection Certificate for my/our vehicle the particulars of which are furnished below:-
1. Name and address: _____________________________________________________
2. Son/wife/daughter of:____________________________________________________
3. Registration number of the vehicle:________________________________________
4 Class of vehicle: _______________________________________________________
5. Registering Authority which originally registered the vehicle: ___________________
6. Engine number: _______________________________________________________
7. Chassis number-Affix pencil print: _________________________________________
8. Period of stay in the State: _______________________________________________
9. Period upto which motor vehicle tax has been paid: ___________________________
10. Whether any demand for tax is pending, if so, give details: _____________________
11. Whether the vehicle is involved in any thefts cases, if so, give details: ___________
12. Whether any action under section 53,54 or 55 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 is pending
before any Registering authority or other prescribed authority, if so, give details:
13. Whether the vehicle is involved in any case of transport of prohibited goods, if so, give
details: _________________________________________________________
I/We solemnly declare that the above statement is true.
Date: ________________________
Signature of the owner of the vehicle


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